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The world's largest yield farm

Every time people swap from one coin to another on PulseX liquidity providers earn fees as a reward. Users can bridge in their ERC20s and pair them with free PRC20s in order to provide liquidity and earn fees. This also backs the value of the PRC20s that they got for free.

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The second PulseX incentive token

In order to enhance PulseX's success another token will exist to further incentivize liquidity providers beyond the fees they're already making. When they become liquidity providers, they will receive LP tokens that they can deposit into a yield farm. This not yet named token is emitted with decreasing inflation over time.

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Swap Tokens
Swap Tokens

Trade any combination of ERC-20 tokens permissionless, with ease.

Supply Liquidity
Supply Liquidity

Earn 0.25% fee on trades proportional to your share of the pool.


Deposit your LP tokens to earn additional rewards.

Dragon’s Lair
High yields

You can provide the PLS or PRC20s that you hold as liquidity to PulseX and earn yield on them. This is less risky than trading and allows you to earn predictable income on your crypto.

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How many PLSX will be there? Supply?

The supply of PLSX will be determined by the total USD value that will be sacrificed. All PLSX will be minted to Sacrificers. No developer allocation, no treasury, no insiders that get any PLSX!

What will PLSX be worth?

They will accrue value after you receive them. Even though price discovery will happen very fast nobody knows what the price of PLSX after the first trade will be.

Will I be able to store my PLSX in MetaMask?

Yes, you will only need to connect to PulseChain by switching the Network within MetaMask. Then you can see all your PRC20s including PLSX. You can store your PLSX in other wallets as well.

I still have questions! Where can I talk about PulseX?

Ask your questions to the tens of thousands of people in the official PulseX Chat. No admin will ever direct message you! Richard Heart will never ask you for any money.